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Kelowna has among BC's best combination of economics and sun for solar panels to produce your own solar power and offset your electricity costs. 



Brightening your home for a better tomorrow

The Okanagan has among BC's best combination of economics and sun for producing your own solar energy.

BC Sun

Living here you know that the Okanagan gets lots of sun, particularly during long days from spring until fall. All that sun means that an efficient home could offset 100% of its electricity from its roof.


Solar is the investment that keeps on giving. Along with reducing your energy bills, making a positive impact on the environment. and looking cool solar will keep providing you all these amazing benefits and more for at least 25 years!

Rebate Programs

Both the provincial and federal governments are making it easier for everyday Canadians to say "yes" to the renewable energy transition. With various loans and rebate programs available the financial barrier to getting solar has been broken down.

Net Metering 

Did you know you can sell the power your system produces back to the gird? Net metering lets you get credit for the power you generate to lower your electricity bill and in sunny months when your system produces more electricity then your home uses you can earn!


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