Helping You Power Up Your Home with Solar


From living here you know that Kelowna gets lots of sun particularly during long days from spring until fall. An efficient home could offset 100% of its electricity from its roof!

Net metering lets you get credit for the power you generate to lower your electricity bill. Both Fortis BC and BC Hydro have two rate tiers.  If you consume over a certain amount over two months, every unit of electricity costs you about 50% more! 

Solar power offsets the higher cost power first. That means producing even a portion of your demand can significantly lower your power bill.

Continued rate increases increase the value of the power generated by your solar system. Fortis BC rates for example are much higher than BC Hydro, and have had a trend of increasing by 5% a year over the last decade. It's why Fortis BC's relatively small territory has more Solar PV systems than BC Hydro.

Solar panels come with a 25 year warranty and are expected to produce lots of power well beyond providing not only energy offsets but also retained value.

Over 25 years a system could result in an Internal Rate of Return of up to 10%, out performing many types of investments.

Learn more or find out if solar makes sense for you by requesting your Free Solar Report.

Kelowna has among BC's best combination of economics and sun for solar panels to produce your own solar power and offset your electricity costs. 


Information You Need to Buy Solar Panels in Kelowna

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