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Ready for solar? Contact us!

There is huge potential for solar here in the Okanagan especially given how economically viable it has become.. If you have the right roof or land, producing your own power for your home or business can be both liberating and rewarding.

We want to break down the myths surrounding the economics of solar so that you have the right information when deciding if solar power is right for you. We believe solar education is much more helpful than just a quote and will enable more people to produce their own energy, retain their energy dollars, and make an investment into a more positive energy future.

We're SkyFire Energy and have over 20 years experience, with 15 years of proven BC experience and competitive pricing. We have cultivated an excellent reputation and have worked on net metering and off-grid residential, commercial and utility scale systems.

By filling out the form below we can help you navigate and build your energy dreams and will be in touch to help you find out what kind of system would work best for you and your energy needs.

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